Eyelash Extensions

Scroll to bottom to see gallery of eyelash extensions We had applied within the last month! Each set of lashes has been designed to meet the wishes of the clients, you can be next!

We have now opened our "Lash Out Eyelash Boutique", located directly inside Makeup Studio. Please see Services for our monthly special! We offer Lash packages to suit every budget and gift certificates are available. Please spread the word: We will apply lashes on anyone BATTLING cancer, that has been suffering from hair loss/eyelash loss and would like to try eyelash extensions for free. Do not worry if you only have sparse lashes, you will leave with the lashes you want. Please email for details.

"I feel good being able to help in this one small way, cancer has affected too many lives in sad ways, I just want this to be one good way."

Make Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions are the newest beauty accessory. We are excited to offer this luxurious service to the fabulous women. You don't need a special occasion to feel fabulous so pamper yourself! July's awesome promotion can be found on the services page. The lashes which we uses are the finest on the market. The industry has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Your dream lashes can become a reality when we designs custom lashes to flatter your eyes. Everyone will wonder what it is about you that is just so...alluring! It's because you Lashed Out!

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Is the lash extension glued to my skin?

When I recently mentioned that I did eyelash extensions to a family member, they responded with ​

"Dr.Oz said those things are bad, don't get those, they are dangerous!"
I was flabbergasted. I knew this was not true, and that if applied correctly, there is absolutely NO risk involved.

Could he be so ignorant to only include clients who fell victim to an untrained lash stylist? Does he look over his scripts before he just spouts at the mouth with inaccurate information that could be detrimental to an entire industry? I did some research about Dr. OZ's "special" which was all about UNTRAINED and INCORRECTLY applied eyelash extensions which lead to bad endings. Yes, THOSE can be dangerous.

Eyelash Extensions

How about my eyes. They are in wonderful health, my vision couldn't be better. I have had eyelash extensions on and off for over 5 years, and LONG ONES! They give off the appearance of thick super long healthy lashes, a stunning set I like to think. I have healthy lashes, but they are blonde and some point down so ~ I wanted extensions. I have not had any problems with the health of my eyes and will not, nor have I had any damage to my natural lashes. Please read this blog post by a a fellow certified lash stylist who puts it best:

Eyelash Extensions

Oh Dr. Oz, They are NOT dangerous, please don't mislead the public by exploiting poorly trained technicians and trying to place those of us who are certified technicians who have undergone proper training to EXCEED industry standards, who follow stringent protocol and procedures to ensure the SAFETY of our clients, IN THE SAME CATEGORY.

(TO my clients, Thank you XO sorry for the rant, had to be said)

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